Panda rental of caravans in Malaga

If you need to rent a motorhome in Malaga at the best price on the market, we offer it at Panda Rental. We are a company dedicated to the rental and sale of motorhomes, where we provide personalized attention and the best advice regarding the use of the vehicles, routes and details of the planning of your trip. 

We have modern vehicles, from the well-known brands Rimor and Benimar, which have different characteristics to adapt to the different needs that each of our customers may have.

Currently our center is located in Estepona, but we plan in the near future to be able to establish ourselves in other important cities of the country. We also have very competitive offers for each season, which you yourself can consult form online, entering our budget section, where need to fill the fields with your information and our consultants will answer as soon as possible.

The main characteristics of our service are quality, comfort and safety, because we strive to maintain high performance standards, in all the tasks we perform within our company.

Know the motorhomes that we have for rent

In our center we have vehicles, sophisticated, comfortable and safe, manufactured by the companies Benimar and Rimor, they have different characteristics, which allows you to choose among several options, the most suitable for your planned trip. Next, we will provide you with a brief description of the vehicles that make up our collection, highlighting the most important aspects of each one of them.

Rimor Seal 68 Plus 2018

Seal-68 Plus 2018

This motorhome is of profile type, with 5 seats for traveling and sleeping, its measurements are 2,300 mm in width x 6,973 mm in length and 2,900 mm in height.It has a separate room for more privacy, inside which is, a double bed, a section for the shower and another for the toilet and sink. In the dining room area, there is a double bed that goes down from the ceiling and an extra bed using the dining table. It also includes, solar panel, television antenna and awning.

Benimar Tessoro 463 2017

Tessoro 463 2017

It has 4 places to travel and 4 places to sleep, its measurements are 7.45 m long x 2.30 m wide and 3.1 m high, it has a Ford engine. It has a bedroom, inside which are two twin beds, they can be joined, to form a large double bed. It also has a double bed that goes down from the ceiling of the dining area; It is the only one that has climate control, whose device lowers the temperature, to maintain a pleasant thermal sensation inside the vehicle for passengers.

Here we have 5 tips for you

Driving classes:

If you are going to rent a caravan for the first time, it is best if you make a course or training in advance to learn everything you need to drive one of these vehicles. As part of the services we offer in our center in Estepona, You can plan with an adviser, a training hour, in which we will provide you with all the instructions you need to drive a roller. Similarly, on the day of the rental, we usually dedicate at least 40 minutes to the client, to review everything learned in the lessons and offer the latest recommendations.

Pay attention to the dimensions:

The dimensions of a trailer, can prevent their passage in some opportunities, especially if it is the type nasturtium, because they are the highest, so you should be careful when you go to enter a campsite, when passing under a bridge or balcony, also look at the branches of trees and notices or signs on the streets that may bump into the nasturtium and cause damage to it. Similarly, across, you should take more distance and parking spot, it is best that the passenger get off the car, so this, to get a complete visual of the caravan and their environment and thus can give instructions to the driver.

Use Google Maps:

Google Maps will help you to establish a route, it will allow you to know the time and the kilometers that will take you to make each route, in addition it shows you points of reference to locate you with ease. It is important that you take into account that the time that this platform calculates of a route, It is based on the capacity of a conventional car. To know the time it takes you to make a trip in motorhome, you must take 50% of the time that was calculated by Google Mapsand add it to that time, for example, if a trip takes 3 hours according to this app, it is necessary to add 1 hour and a half to get the real time it will take a mobile home to arrive.

Use the Park4nignt app

At the time of camping in a caravan, you will need to choose a good parking that suits your needs. In the different cities of Spain that you can visit with one of our vehicles, there is an infinity of camping options, some are private and others public, the prices per night vary depending on what each one offers. But for this task in Panda Renta the best option we can give you, is that you use the Park4nignt app, because with it you can locate the ideal camper camp for you just by using your cell phone.

Know the laws that apply to motorhomes in Spain:

In Spain there is a legislation that deals with regulating the movement of motorhomes in the national territory, to ensure that drivers of them, can have duties and rights. These laws have been imposed by the General Directorate of Traffic and it is necessary that, if you are going to make a trip in motorhome, you know these rules so that you do not commit any infraction and at the same time you can defend yourself, in case any citizen or authority acted towards you, incurring discrimination or exclusion from public roads, due to simple ignorance of these laws. Below, we provide you with the documents that keep this regulation.

Instruction 08 / V-74

Mobility in a motorhome

Some important precautions to maintain the motorhome in good condition

Emptying and cleaning of chemical toilet in the motorhome

1) Take care of the cleaning:

  • The internal and external cleaning of the hired motorhome is your responsibility, in fact, the day of the return of the vehicle, if the unit is dirty, there will be an extra charge for cleaning. This payment can be saved, if you yourself take care of this task, but for this you must consider that the internal and external cleaning of the motorhome, takes a time of approximately two and a half hours, depending on the conditions of the rolling. Also, the correct or procedure must be met with the deposits of the motor home. The container of clean water must be returned full, the gray water tank must be returned empty and clean and the black water tank must be emptied and disinfected as we showed in the next video.

2) Windows and skylights:

  • Consultation with our advisors which is the right way to open and close the windows and skylights s because these elements have insurance that sometimes people forget and try to open them abruptly, causing damage to them.

3) Outdoor kitchen:

  • Try to cook mostly off the trailer, using the Campingaz, in this way you prevent grease spots from falling on the surfaces of the motorhome and prevent the vehicle from remaining with odors impregnated inside.

4) Supervise children:

  • Do not allow children to access compartments where there are electronic devices or sensitive items that they can manipulate and damage unintentionally.

5) Watch the speed:

  • When driving, keep a speed of 100-110 km per hour and decrease it, when a safety rider approaching, otherwise, you will cause the back of the motor home to bounce heavily, causing damage to passengers and the rental vehicle.

Requirements that our clients must meet to rent a motorhome

The motorhomes are very expensive units, full of accessories and elements that require a lot of care when being handled, for that reason we only do business with people whose references have been verified. Here we show you a list of requirements that a tenant must meet to be a member of our company.

  • Be at least 26 years of age
  • Possess a type B driving license that is at least two years old
  • •Provide the company with a service receipt in your name, which allows you to check your address
  • Give us a labor certification
  • Show us your identification document

Tutorial to rent a mobile home in just 5 steps

  • To rent a motorhome in Malaga, you must start by contacting us and check your budget online, filling in the fields of the form that you will find when you press the following link: Budget on line
  • 2. Read the following documents where we explain the conditions of our company.
  • After having consulted all your doubts and having reached an agreement with our advisors, either through our online customer service section or personally visiting our center in Estepona, you can perform the next step.
  • You must pay 30% of the total cost of the rental, assuming the commitment to pay the remaining one week in advance of your trip.
  • The day you are going to pick up the vehicle, you must pay the deposit, sign the lease and sign a report where the time and conditions in which the motorhome was dispatched will be recorded.

Malaga one of the oldest cities in Europe

It is the capital of the homonymous province within the Andalusia community, it is the sixth city with the most population in Spain, registering the large number of 570,006 inhabitants. It is located at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea, about 100 kilometers from the Strait of Gibraltar, was founded by the Phoenicians and is therefore one of the oldest cities in Europe.

At first it was a federated municipality and then it became one of Latin right of the Roman Empire, it was four times empire of its own kingdom. In the nineteenth century it began an important activity in its territory industrial which positioned as the first industrial city of Spain. He is protagonist of the tourist boom that began to live the country in the year 1960.

In 1980 the city experienced a migratory wave, which generated that today, the population is conformed by communities of Paraguayans, Ukrainians, Moroccans, Argentines, Italians, Nigerians and Chinese. The religion that predominates among its inhabitants is Catholic and the second calculated by the number of Followers is Islam. Malaga has several places of interest, in fact, it has been declared a historical site, since it has a wide overlap of traces that show the passage of civilizations throughout history.

One of its main monuments is located on Mount Gibralfaro which is preserved inside the Castle that crowns the mountain, also the Cathedral of the Incarnation is an important place of interest that keeps part of the history of Malaga, it was built after the conquest of Christians in the city and has a Renaissance style where Baroque elements are also found. On the other hand, Malaga offers 16 beaches with diverse characteristics that limit with Torremolinos, they are one of the main attractions of the city, since they receive in the course of the year a significant amount of tourists.

By reading this article you can learn more about the services offered by the company of rental and sale of mobile homes Panda Rental, you can also discover the characteristics of the vehicles that make up our collection. We will offer you a series of recommendations on the use and care of a mobile home. We will also explain the requirements that our customers must meet in order to contract our services and the steps to be followed to rent atransport unit. Finally we will tell you a little about the most interesting aspects of the city of Malaga.