We are a company dedicated to the rental and sale of motorhomes, where you will find very competitive prices and you will receive the best personalized attention. We have modern capuchin and profiled motorhomes, manufactured by the prestigious brands Rimor and Benimar. The passenger capacity that each one possesses is different, since we have units that offer from 2, up to 6 places to travel and sleep.

Comfort, quality and safety are the words that define us at Panda Rental, whose sales and rental center is currently located in Estepona - Málaga, which we plan to expand, establishing ourselves in other cities in Spain, with the purpose of bringing our service to a greater number of people. By visiting us you can receive from our highly trained staff, all the advice you need, about, routes, use, care and choice of the vehicle.

Malaga the city with the most smiling people in the world

According to a study conducted by the director of the Research Institute of Happiness Meik Wiking, Malaga is the city with the most smiling locals on the planet. To obtain the result of this research, the inhabitants of different cities in Europe, Africa, North America and Asia were analyzed randomly. In order to determine in which city to smile is a pattern of behavior more common in its inhabitants, Wiking was dedicated to observe for 5 seconds, people who were walking down the street, and made a record of the different actions expressed by each of They, like, walk in the company of someone else, talk on cell phones, drink a drink, eat something, among other behaviors.

The analysis revealed that Malaga is the city where people laugh most frequently in the world, occupying the first place in this ranking, with 14% of smiles, leaving behind the cities of Milan, Kuala, Copenhagen and Madrid, in this same order from highest to lowest. The director of the renowned institute of Denmark, said that the main reason to smile according to the results of this study, is the fact of going through life accompanied. Now that you know this curious investigation, you will know that the kindness and joy that a Malaga person always expresses does not only have to do with the privileged environment in which they live.