Instructions for renting a motorhome at Panda Rental

Steps to follow

  • Check the rental cost:
    • Enter the Budget option and fill the fields.
    • When we receive your information, we will provide the rental cost for your trip.


  • You should read these documents to know our rules:

  • Fine-tune details with our advisors:

  • Reserve the motorhome rental date:
    • We will send you a report of the agreement and you must approve it to continue with the process.
    • You must make the payment of 30% of the total rental cost, in order to set aside the date you require.
    • Remember your commitment to pay the remainder of the lease, only missing a week to remove the vehicle.


  • Remove the motorhome and start your adventure:
    • This day must arrive punctually at the time agreed to our center.
    • We will provide you with the latest advice regarding the use and care of the vehicle.
    • You must sign a document, where the assessor will put the details of the condition in which the vehicle is located and the time it was delivered.
    • You must pay the rental deposit.
    • The client must sign the contract where all the details of the agreement are fixed.


    The curious story behind the different types of coffee in Málaga


    Solo, largo, semilargo, solocorto, mitad, entrecorto, corto, sombra, nube y “no me lo ponga”; are the different ways of ordering a coffee in Malaga. In each of them, the amount of coffee that is used is what varies, although the tenth option "no me lo ponga" only refers to not wanting to drink coffee.
    The initiative to create this list, emerged in the 50s, in the post-war period, when Mr. José Prado Crespo, who was the owner of the renowned establishment "Café Central de Málaga" was interested in proposing a solution so that customers no longer had to ask for their coffee, indicating with the finger the amount they wanted, because this was an imprecise method, which is why they started their creativity and in order to satisfy the different tastes of their clientele, I created a poster where I present the curious names that I assigned to 9 different tastes of coffee, to help people ask for the exact amount they wanted to take.

    But Don José was not convinced to show the public a list of odd options, so he started asking the clients, which one can I add to the list? But the answer was found in one of his employees, who was a gypsy and in the form of a joke told him to put "no me lo ponga" to refer to not wanting to drink coffee.
    This peculiar way of ordering a coffee spread throughout Málaga, because other coffee shops, appreciated the usefulness of this classification and asked permission to the owner of the Café Central de Málaga, to use this same notice in their businesses, who accepted. In this way, the custom became part of the identity of the locals, who only share and understand this tradition among themselves, since in the rest of Spain the names of these cafés are unknown.