Regulations to rent a motorhome

  • You can be a member of our company if you meet the following requirements:
    • Having the minimum age of 26 years.
    • Carry type B driver's license for two years.
    • Bring a service receipt that is your name so we can verify your address.
    • Give us a record of work.
    • Have your current identification document (DNI or Passport)
  • Schedules established for the delivery and return of motorhomes:
    • The vehicle can be removed at our center from 4 pm to 7 pm.
    • The return of the roller must be done before 10:30 am when it is high season and before 12 pm when it is low season.
    • The time of return is mandatory, because any delay can harm the customer who rented the trailer that day.
    • For each hour of delay, the client must pay 50 Euros for the inconvenience caused.
  • Review of the motorhome when returned:
    • When returning the motor home to our center, it is necessary that our advisors make a review to check that everything is in order, it is done in two ways and you are the one who will choose the one of your preference:
      • With the client present:
        • One of our consultants in the company of the client, will review every external and internal detail of the motorhome.
        • The revisions are made in order of arrival, just after having made the deliveries scheduled for that day.
        • This process can take from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the number of deliveries and pending reviews.
      • Without the presence of the tenant:
        • The client authorizes the landlord to check the vehicle in his absence.
        • Within 24 hours our advisors should examine the rolling stock.
        • We will contact you, to inform you of any irregularity that has been found.
  • Bail:
    • If no damage is found in the review, the deposit will be returned to the customer, in cash or bank transfer, within 24 hours.
    • If damage is found, the vehicle should be taken to the workshop to budget the repair.
    • The bond will be used for the repair (materials or spare parts, labor, displacement and fuel).
  • To reserve or cancel the rental of a vehicle:
    • To make the motorhome reservation you must pay the company 30% of the total rental cost.
    • If for any inconvenience you want to cancel your reservation, you can do so. But the conditions to recover your money are the following:
      • In the case that the mobile home is requested for rent, just on the days that you had reserved it. We will return all of the money that I paid.
      • If the vehicle is not rented during the reservation date, then the company will not refund the money.
      • In case it is the company that can not carry out the rental agreement, after the client has already paid the reservation. At Panda Rental we will refund your money and add compensation for the inconvenience caused, which can be from 50 Euros, up to 200 Euros, depending on the number of nights of the rental.
  • Get to know our rental contract:
    • Read the contract where all our conditions are established.

Landscapes that contrast and a valuable historical heritage characterize Málaga

Malaga is a Spanish city, capital of the province bearing the same name and is part of the Andalusia, ranked No. 6 among the most populated cities in Spain with570. 006 inhabitants, who are very privileged to live surrounded by attractive landscapes, a spectacular Mediterranean climate and hundreds of beautiful places that keep the history of the city.

Malaga is a worldwide tourist destination with high demand throughout the year, this is due to its famous 16 beaches full of charms that offer 100% suitable conditions to enjoy holidays, among which, Calahonda beach, Maro beach and Burriana beach. Also, its attraction is also due to its cultural centers, museums, churches and of course traditional festivities.

As part of what makes our locals proud, we can mention that Malaga throughout its evolution has been the birthplace of admirable characters such as: the great artist Pablo Picasso, the actress and singer Josefa Flores González and the actor Antonio Banderas. Each one of them has exalted the name of the city in different ways and at the same time the city has paid them back; a perfect example of this is the existence of a museum and a sculpture to honor the painter Picasso, which have become part of the regional historical heritage.